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For its 21st year in 2018, CivAsia Presents "Tagged 2.0: Ready, Set, Go: OTW to sustainability

The Conference features a set of talks in relation to particular SDGs (Sustainable development goals) and platforms which millennials can utilize. Included also are workshops and breakout sessions wherein the delegates are expected to come up with an output in the form of a campaign video and project proposal, and finally an immersion activity in a renowned social enterprise.

This Three-day event will be held from March 1-3, 2018 at the University of Asia and The Pacific.

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Youth Chat is the introductory talk of our conference. Our awesome speakers will be sharing their experiences and insights on how they were able to use their potential to make a change in the society.
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After this registration, please pay through our bank account and kindly email us a copy of the deposit slip and the reply form at  ON or  BEFORE  February 28, 2018 to confirm your slot.

Account name: University of Asia and the Pacific Foundation Inc.
Account number: 0201-0414-73
Branch: Bank of the  Philippine Islands, Pasig-Ortigas Branch

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For updates, follow us at /CIVITASASIA for facebook, @CIVASIA  for Twitter and Instagram or check out our website

For more information and updates please feel free to email us at or you can contact us at 637-0912 loc. 344 and find Ms. Karla Pelayo of our center for student affairs.
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